A Ledbury charity is reaching out to teachers and the parents of primary school children in Gloucestershire to offer themlife-changing support.

Megan Baker House (MBH) provides specialist help for children with neurological motor disorders such as DCD (Developmental Co-ordination Disorder formerly known as Dyspraxia), Dyslexia or for any child finding handwriting difficult.  Operating at Springbank Community Resource Centre, Springbank Way, Cheltenham, MBH provides a pathway to independence for children and adults with neurological movement disorders.

The Charity’s services are based on a teaching method and philosophy called Conductive Education (CE), a holisticeducational movement approach developed by Dr. AndrásPetö in Hungary.

Now, MBH are inviting anyone whose child is finding handwriting difficult, to sign up for a new Handwriting Course run by their Conductive Education Specialists. 

The 8-week Course starts on Monday May 10th and will benefit children who have difficulty with: Legible handwriting; Fluency; Letter formation; Speed of movements; Poor core stability (affecting posture and symmetry).

Sue Mechan, Head of Client Services, says: “By the end of the Course, we expect to see considerable improvements in your child’s spatial awareness, wrist strength, and control.This will be a huge help to them in the classroom.”

Anyone who is interested in booking a place on the Handwriting Course can call Sue on 01531 633840 or email: sue@meganbakerhouse.org.uk.