On 26th June, city school The Hereford Academy will be hosting a science show by the team from The Royal Institution.

Over two days the team from the science charity will be delivering a range of different shows to primary and secondary school students from across Hereford including live demonstrations, audience interaction and lectures on a variety of subjects.

The show gives young people of all ages a chance to experience hands on science

The shows give people of all ages (small kids to big kids!) a chance to take part in experiments, demonstrations and the odd explosion as they learn the story of electricity, the chemistry of eating, what generators are used for and how magnets were discovered.

The community show is part of a two day celebration of science taking place from 26th¬†‚Äď 27th¬†June 2018 at The Hereford Academy.

Tickets are available via The Hereford Academy Facebook page or by going to thascience.eventbrite.co.uk  

For further information about the shows please email scienceevents@theherefordacademy.org.uk