Thousands of Leominster residents now have access to an ultrafast, full fibre internet connection, thanks to Fibre Heroes.

The wholesale network provider, Fibre Heroes, has worked hard to bring ultrafast and unlimited internet access to thousands to thousands of homes in the town of Leominster.

As a wholesale network provider, Fibre Heroes is partnered with a wide range of internet service providers (ISPs), which means following this announcement, there’s now no need to stay with your current provider if you’re experiencing patchy or slow broadband.

With the option of a full fibre network connection, thousands of residents can make the most of their broadband and choose the service that suits them.

The town of Leominster no longer has to experience internet connectivity issues during peak times or when using multiple devices. It’s an ultrafast, full fibre connection residents canconsistently rely on. 

Dan Jones, National Build Director of Fibre Heroes highlighted: 

“Now that residents and businesses in Leominster can access a full fibre internet, we hope that it can better equip local attractions. We are excited to see what this technology can do in Leominster, with its potential to create new possibilities for the community and every household.” 

With thousands of businesses and households in Leominster now able to connect to full fibre, Fibre Heroes are working hard to make this happen. As part of an ongoing rollout, Fibre Heroes hope to cover the whole of Leominster.